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Here's what people are saying about Bryan and his energy work:

"The work that you did, Bryan, will affect all areas of my life in the most positive and joy filled way because your work went in and changed things at the deepest core. I know I will never be the same again. Thank you!I am so excited and happy that you are bringing this ultra-powerful Quantum Paradigm Shifts energy work to the world. Many Blessings."

- Angie Geren, APP, CHt

"Thank you for the very extraordinary session you did for me on Sunday. I've had many experiences in the world of yoga, meditation, energy work, hard martial arts, Tai Chi and the like; I don't think I've ever experienced the depth of effective inner shift, clarity, lightening, energizing, and inner alignment that I have had during and since the session. This included Inner vision experience during the session, heightened intuitive clarity since the session and a near 100% reduction in the stress/pain levels in my Body. Many Thanks and keep up the good work!"

"During my individual session Bryan made me feel immediately comfortable. I felt an instant recognition with him and the wonderful blessing of healing my migraine headaches. Bryan will love you as a plant or a flower that carries in itself the hidden flower. He will guide you to a place of love and transformation in remembering your ONENESS."


"I first attended one of Bryan's workshops in May of 2010 and my life has been forever changed. I had spent many years before meeting Bryan working on myself, learning more about self awareness, and doing as much personal work as I could however ONE weekend workshop moved me farther in my life than the years and years of work I had already done. Bryan is an amazing healer and one of the reasons is because he knows we all have the infinite potential within us and teaches us how to tap into that for beyond amazing transformations. His approach is fun and full of love, even while dealing with the most sensitive subjects. In his presence it is so easy to feel your own worth, tap into your own knowledge, and release emotions and traumas that have been holding you back. Every time I work with Bryan I am moved higher and higher within myself and have been able to unlock the many blocks that were subconsciously holding me back. I can't even imagine where my life would be now if I hadn't attended his workshop years ago. From the bottom of my heart and all my client's hearts... thank you for being you."







"Bryan McClellan is a wonderful healer and a great friend. I have been working with Bryan since April 2006 and attended one of his workshops in May 2007. Bryan has the wonderful gift of making everyone he encounters feel loved, accepted, appreciated, honored and valued for who they are. Because he is one of the most grounded healers I have ever worked with, he is able to help people to integrate more of their spiritual energy into their physical body which is a rare gift. His workshops help people to anchor their spiritual essence more deeply into their hearts. I look forward to attending my next one!"

- Carrie Tetting
- Valerie M.
- Bill Austin, Founder of Practical Mastery™
- John D.
Sherri Rainingbird, LMFT

"After trying a number of programs on wealth, entrepreneurship, and personal development, including eliminating limiting beliefs, with results only at the mental level, I realized that I wasn´t able to move forward due to deeper blockages. Referred by a friend, I booked a consultation with Bryan. Bryan´s work has taken me from being insecure, feeling stuck, and losing myself at my work place and marriage to a more wholesome person able to create and attract much better situations and people around me. I am more certain of who I am and what my value is as a person in this planet."



- Paola S.
Strengthen your body, mind, and spirit and achieve major life changes. Find help with depression and other life issues and challenges through Bryan McClellan’s gifted energy work.  Make an appointment with Bryan by booking online or calling or texting 440-503-4201.

"A colleague introduced me to Bryan years ago and I’ve been thanking him ever since. I have experienced and witnessed Bryan’s work individually, attended his workshops throughout the US, and studied with Bryan for over a decade. He is a Master of profound energetic shifts. Bryan transforms karmic patterns, family of origin imprints, old paradigms of lack and suffering and complex energetic configurations, rapidly, exponentially, and joyfully. Bryan has a unique ability to perform energetic surgery with compassion, joy, and humor. Bryan’s light, expertise, integrity, and commitment are a gift to anyone who chooses to work with him. I am blessed and honored to have Bryan as a mentor and healer."

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