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With one 1-hour session and one 30-minute session  you will get a good idea of the genuine, potent, and unique energy work that Bryan is gifted with and how it can enhance your life.  Call 440-503-4201.

Refer a friend or family member and once they have a session, you receive 10% off your next one-hour session. Be sure to have them mention your name when they call.

Introductory Package

While it is perfectly fine to book one session at a time, you may be interested in purchasing a package of sessions for several reasons.  First, you will enjoy a discounted price for these sessions.  Secondly, multiple sessions exponentially increase the impact of, and reinforce, the energy work done in the sessions. Following up allows Bryan to make adjustments and conduct additional processes that will be helpful.  In addition, establishing the ideal amount of time between sessions allows you to process and integrate this life-changing work with the most ease and effectiveness.  Finally, you will have a clearer plan on what you want to accomplish.  


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Welcome to Bryan McClellan's website, Wellness Energetic Solutions.  Bryan is a gifted energy worker and facilitator who has helped thousands of people shift their energetic bodies and situations from a place of pain and dysfunction to accomplishing health, wealth, and happiness.  Bryan prefers to call himself an energy facilitator instead of an energy healer because he believes the healer lies within each of us and his job is to simply clear the way for each client to heal and create the life they envision. He has had several near-death experiences in the past which profoundly affected how he sees the world


These experiences opened Bryan up to gifts which enable him to see beyond our "normal" senses and dimensions.  Now, Bryan can see how people, places, and situations are energetically arranged.  Once he sees these energetic patterns he has the ability to actually shift the energy of what is happening in his clients' lives, including their physical and emotional health, relationships, and business performance. 


What Bryan does can be somewhat compared to Reiki healing, acupuncture, and other energy healing modalities except that Bryan is able to transmit and rearrange energy without touching a client.  In fact, most of his work is done distantly, by telephone.  Bryan's method, which he calls Quantum Paradigm Shifts, was developed over thirty years of studying how energy works as well as maintaining a deep meditation practice over the years.  Bryan uses his gifts to conduct individual energy healing sessions as well as several workshops a year.


Prior to founding Wellness Energetic Solutions, Bryan had a career in sales which gave him insight into the corporate world and the challanges that work situations can bring.  He is a graduate of Walsh University in Ohio, with a degree in Psychology and is married to Elizabeth, with whom he cares for four parrots.




Special Offers

Bryan provides individual energy sessions, by phone or skype, internationally.  Business training and consultations as well as face-to-face personal programs can be arranged. Bryan also conducts several energy workshops each year. Call

440-503-4201 to schedule an appointment or to inquire about holding a workshop in your city.

"My mission is to facilitate healing and wholeness for my clients and to teach them how they can do this for themselves."                                      --Bryan McClellan

 Mission Statement
Cancellation Policy

** If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, please give 24 hours notice or you will be charged for the missed appointment. Call or text 440-503-4201 to cancel.

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