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Individual Sessions, Workshops and more

Bryan conducts individual phone sessions with people all over the world.  Setting up an appointment is easy.  Call or text 440-503-4201 and make sure to include a phone number and best time for Bryan to call you to discuss your appointment. At the agreed-upon time, Bryan will call you and guide you through the session.  Bryan will scan your energy and make adjustments and will tell you what he sees as he answers any questions that you may have.


The session will be relaxing for some people and invigorating for others.  By the end of the session, many people experience a deep, blissful, meditative state that they may never have experienced before.  After just one session you will receive the benefits of having your energy shifted and enhanced.  For best results, at least 3 to 5 sessions* are recommended for deeper exploration into your energy body and to re-enforce changes that you are making.



At workshops, Bryan conducts powerful energy processes and meditations to address the needs of all participants and gives individual attention to make core corrections in their energy fields. The only prerequisite for the workshop is to have a one-hour session with Bryan if you have never had one.  Your first one-hour session is discounted at 40% off. 

If you would like a workshop in your city please text or call Bryan at


In-Person Services

Arrangements can be made for you to visit Bryan or for him to come to you for a more in-depth energy healing program.  This will be customized just for you and can be a half-day, multiple-day, or weekend program. For more information call or text Bryan at 440-503-4201.


 This Fall, Bryan will be conducting a Telemeditation program that meets for one hour weekly for four weeks.  This program will address ways to alleviate pain, stress, discord, and discomfort in your life. Sign up for our newsletter and watch your email for more information.

Business Consultations

Bryan provides answers and solutions for your business through energetic insight and  training for your employees.  To discuss a customized program contact Bryan at 440-503-4201.

Individual Sessions
"Negative past experiences are imprinted into your essence.  Energy work can release the bondage of these imprints in your DNA to make your life more balanced and joyful."
--Bryan McClellan
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